Romain Cadario


I am currently Assistant Professor at Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management. My research in behavioral change has been featured in Nature Human Behaviour and Marketing Science, among others.


My research develops and evaluates marketing interventions designed to stimulate societally desirable consumer behaviors. My research incorporates mixed methods from laboratory, online experiments to analyses of secondary data with econometric and meta-analytical techniques.


Chandon, P. & Cadario, R. (2022). Healthy in the Wrong Way: Mismatching of Marketers’ Food Claim Use and Consumers’ Preferences in the United States but not France. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science . (Download paper).

Cadario, R. & Morewedge, C.K. (2022). Why Do People Eat the Same Breakfast Every Day? Goals and Circadian Rhythms of Variety Seeking in Meals, Appetite, 168, 105716 (Download paper, Preprint, OSF).

Cadario, Romain, Chiara Longoni & Carey K. Morewedge (2021). Understanding, Explaining, and Utilizing Medical Artificial Intelligence, Nature Human Behaviour, (Download paper, Preprint, OSF).

Cadario, Romain & Pierre Chandon (2020). Which Healthy Eating Nudges Work Best? A Meta-Analysis of Field Experiments, Marketing Science, 39(3), 465-486 (Download paper, Online Appendix).

Included in the Financial Times’ top 100 business school research with social impact. A conference abstract of this article was published in Appetite, 130(1), 300.

Cadario, Romain & Pierre Chandon (2019). Viewpoint: Effectiveness or Consumer Acceptance? Tradeoffs in Selecting Healthy Eating Nudges, Food Policy, 85, 1-6 (Download paper).